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Common Questions

In business for yourself, but not by yourself.


No.  The ONE Sports Nation system will teach you every aspect of running a youth sports program, camps and clinics in multiple sports.   Organizational skills are key to successful management of a youth sports business.

Although you can get your own ONE Sports Nation started as a part time effort – We’ve never met an entrepreneur that is satisfied with part-time results. Enough said?

  • At least $30,000 in liquid capital to get your business started.
  • You most likely live in the community that you’ll serve
  • You love networking with people
  • You love youth sports
  • You are highly motivated, energetic and organized

Our total estimated initial investment is about $30,000, which is half the cost of our leading competitor – But you can get all the details in our Franchise Disclosure Document once we have an initial discussion about your passion for youth sports and entrepreneurial skill set. Let’s find some synergy!

Yes – Equipment is essential in delivering a top notch youth sports program!  Our Franchise Disclosure Document describes all the equipment and supplies you will need to operate your ONE Sports Nation franchise. Each location you open will need to be properly equipped.

Any City League or Ma & Pa sports league can throw cones on some grass and call it a sports league, but delivering a first class experience means having first class equipment.  Sports is our industry, but entertainment is our business and we do it better than anyone else.  Our game day photos say it all.

Our royalty rate is $8.00 on each player registration (NOT gross revenue). That means we aren’t getting into your pocket every month like the other franchisors. And by the way, we’ll even show you how to make extra money without paying us a dime in additional revenue royalties! Why would we do that?

  • Our motivation is to increase the level of participation in youth sports.
  • We want our league owners to be financially successful – not over-burdened.
  • Why Not? – Isn’t that what we are here for?

This is a scaleable business which means your income is limited only by your efforts to promote your leagues.  You’ll have multiple sports programs to offer and our franchisees enjoy multiple profit opportunities beyond player registration fees. We’ll teach you all the tricks of the trade once we get started.

Our franchise territories are exclusive and protected, which ensures that no other ONE Sports Nation franchise will be placed in the same area. One Sports Nation is expanding across the country which means we have new territories coming available every day. Seems like now would be a great time for you to get started.

Nope. You are never tied to a specific location and can develop multiple league locations within your exclusive territory. We’ll assist you in locating a venue for your league events.

You will have the rights to own all of the following sports:

Grid Iron Flag Football & Grid Iron Cheer
ONE Cup Soccer
Field Day Youth Baseball, T-Ball and Softball
Full Court Legends Basketball
VolleyUP Volleyball

And other sports programs as they are added to our system.  You won’t be limited to seasonal play either.  You can offer athletic clubs after school, skills clinics, summer camps and more.  It’s your business – put it to work for you!

We have a 16 week start-up, which means you’ll be holding your first game about 4 months from signing.  BUT – You’ll be able to take on-line registrations within 48 hours of starting your business.

Beware of any sports franchise that claims an opening day “within weeks” of signing… Our franchises are successful because we allow proper time to market in your territory.  Sure, you can shave a few weeks off the time frame if you are well motivated and organized, but you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression in your community.